KDE Beautification

KDE after installation is already awsome.  I love the oxygen theme and how all the applications in kde integrates well with the desktop. What I like about kde is the amount of themes and decorations that can make it even more beautiful.

In my current instance of KDE 4.9 running in my archlinux installation, I have the following packages installed from AUR using yaourt -S <package-name>:

Cisco VPN in Archlinux KDE

I have tried using vpnc without success when I had OpenSUSE 12.1 installed in the past.  As I tried to upgrade kde from 4.7 to 4.8 in OpenSUSE 12.1, I got a kernel panic and that was the tip point that made me switch to Archlinux.

Once in Archlinux, I followed the same steps to turn on vpn that I had done in OpenSUSE without success and to my surprise vpn just worked.

The steps I followed are:

1) install the following packages in arch: vpnc networkmanager networkmanager-vpnc openssl using pacman

Fivestars in Drupal 7

Since back in the Drupal 6 days, I was a great fan of the Fivestars module but the first time I tried to use it in Drupal 7 it was not that trivial. 

Back in Drupal 6, after installing and enabling Voting API and Fivestarts module, to enable Fivestars rating for a given content type you would just edit the content type in the Fivestars section and configure it to your liking.

How to configure a dual monitor setup in ArchLinux, KDE, and ATI video

I recently encountered some problems using the ATI open source driver and KDE.

I have an integrated ATI video card AMD 785G that has three video outputs HDMI, DVI, and VGA. My monitors are connected on the DVI and VGA port that shows in linux as DVI-0 and VGA-0.

The problems I had were that the open source driver would not recognize the best resolution supported by my second monitor connected on the VGA port and KDE would not save the display configuration once it was setup in system settings.


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